Future/Memory Video Trailer

Future/Memory Trailer

For our exhibition FUTURE/MEMORY we visited Cleon, Peterson, Cody Hudson & Martha Cooper in their studios. Enjoy!

Street Culture @ Hellerau – Festival


Street Culture@Hellerau points the spotlight at urban street culture for two weeks: 90 national and international artists will be appearing at HELLERAU Festival Theatre and …

Future/Memory – Street Culture @ Hellerau 2013


FUTURE/MEMORY Street Culture @ Hellerau June 22 – July 7th / HELLERAU – European Center For The Arts Dresden Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 56 01109 Dresden Germany The …

Stefan Marx (Hamburg)


Skki (Paris)


SKKI© started has a street artist in 1983,he was then one of the first French graffiti artist and also one of the few europeen to …

Jay “One” Ramier (Paris)


JAY “ONE” RAMIER from Paris stands for the first generation of european Graffiti writer from the early 80′s that transformed the New York influence to something …

HuskMitNavn (Kopenhagen)


HUSKMITNAVN (RememberMyName) – Danish artist – B. 1975 – Lives and works in Copenhagen. HuskMitNavn has marked his name both in Denmark and internationally by …

Martha Cooper (New York City)


MARTHA COOPER is an American photojournalist born in the 1940s in Baltimore, Maryland where she picked up photography at the age of three. She is perhaps …

Cleon Peterson (Los Angeles)


CLEON PETERSON lives and works in Los Angeles California. In his anxiety-riddled world, violence is the status quo. His dystopian scenes evoke Thomas Hobbes’ description of …

SuperBlast (Berlin)


SUPERBLAST is a Berlin based artist. His artwork deals with his own interpretation of religious imagery, through a personal filter. With a naive, ancient-like, workmanship he …